Are you aware of the existence of the fireman’s lockbox? It contains a set of useful house keys and it is especially master-keyed so it can match the fireman’s code. Professional firemen carry these lockboxes around along with a master key that can unlock the box – which can be used in emergency cases to easily break in homes within a few seconds. The special box is therefore critical for saving lives, when calling an authorized locksmith may take too long for the fire to be stopped and the victims to be safely evacuated.  

Firefighters Can Save Lives And Minimize Damage With Firemen Lockboxes  

Fire departments in cities all over the country have grown particularly interested in the lockboxes, and there is even a special Sun City West Fire District Emergency Lockbox Program that was created to enable firemen as well as emergency medical technicians to gain immediate access to homes and buildings struck by fire. This way, they can more effectively isolate the imminent perils and successfully limit damages when there is no lock technician able to open the doors on time. The program therefore and other similar ones promotes the use of these lockboxes by all firefighters and it is a thick box made of steel featuring a locking faceplate to its front.

If you are interested in getting such a box, you can get in touch with a fast locksmith in your area and ask about the possibility of providing you with such a box. Authorized locksmiths that have been around for a while should be able to offer customers a full range of residential, commercial, and automotive services, and creating such a fireman lockbox should not be a problem, even it might […]